inSRT™ Stem Cell Program Overview

inSRT™ Stem Cell Injection & Therapy

Various national studies have shown that stem  proofread my paper cells can help rejuvenate injured tissues and help return people to a pain-free life.  Currently in the US, the use of stem cells can only be marketed to treat the pain associated with various conditions.  The experts at SoCal Pain Center use a proprietary stem cell therapy program known as inSRT™.  The inSRT™ Therapy Program is the only one like it in the US and differs from other so-called stem cell programs in that inSRT™ uses stem cell rich allograft that is ethically harvested from the umbilical cord blood, the placenta, and amniotic fluid using the afterbirth of a full term healthy baby.

There are many ethical questions surrounding the use of this type of stem cells and we believe that patient education is important so that people are aware of the truths and myths surrounding stem cells.  Our program does NOT use stem cells from unborn fetuses or aborted fetuses.  This is a myth that many people still believe is true however even in the early days of stem cell study, the cells were cultivated from embryos not used in the in-vitro fertilization process.   To be clear…. the inSRT™ Stem Cell Program only uses the afterbirth from babies carried to term.  Because the cells are derived from the afterbirth, there is never any chance of harm to the newborn.  The program has a rigorous screening process to ensure both the mother and baby are healthy.  Full consent to use the afterbirth is obtained from the mother and we work with obstetricians throughout the US to ensure the ethical standards of our program are being met.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are a specialized subset of cells within the body that are capable of replenishing themselves and differentiating into specialized cells of the body.  There were two basic type of stem cells which were used in early studies (“embryonic” in which stem cells were isolated from a structure in a four to five day embryo, and “adult” in which stem cells are isolated from specific tissues within the bodies of consenting adults), and now a third that is gaining recognition for treatment of pain due to wounds or injuries.  This is the “amniotic” stem cell which is made up of mostly multipotent stromal cells (MSCs) that can differentiate into a variety of cell types including bone cells, cartilage cells and fat cells.  This is the methodology employed in the inSRT™ injection and uses cryopreservd stem cell rich allografts derived from human placental tissues.  This product is a rich source of collagen, elastin, fibronectin, growth factors, and placental cells which support tissue repair regenerationA stem cell is the first cell in the chain of cells that leads to a specific differentiated cell. For instance, spinal tissue stem cells will eventually produce spinal tissue cells depending on the other cells around them. For this reason, they can be injected into body tissue and regenerate specialized tissue to help repair injury.

What Do Stem Cells Do?

The main goal with the inSRT™ is to relieve the pain associated with the condition causing the pain.  Although it cannot cure an actual condition, studies have shown that stem cell injections may aid the body in the ability to heal itself at the site of injection.


When injected, the stem cell rich allograft used in the inSRT™ method works in a number ofread the full info here ways.  For people suffering from back pain, the injection of stem cells may not only relieve pain but may reap the benefits of the regenerative properties.  Back pain is usually associated with a condition that can usually be treated through conservative measures and does not require surgery.  There are two problems primarily that inhibit the ability of the back to heal itself.  The first being the blood flow to the discs, muscles, ligaments, and spinal cord is usually less than in denser vascular areas such as the abdomen.  This makes it difficult for the cells to regenerate.   The second problem is that certain cells, such as nerve cells, do not reproduce themselves.  Our bodies come with a limited number of these cells and when they are damaged, they stay damaged.


The inSRT™ injection has helped to turn the tide.   The injection provides a way for much needed chemicals and cells to be delivered to an area that they would not have made it to without the help of the injection.  While they will not increase the blood flow, the application of the stem cell rich allograft helps to encourage the site to heal itself.  Due to its regenerative properties, the stem cells can make new cells where they otherwise would not be able to regenerate.  Studies have shown that when stem cells are in the presence of specialized cells, it is their job to make new cells of that type.  For instance, if someone has nerve damage from a ruptured disc, injecting stem cells into the area can repair the damaged nerve and reduce pain.

What is the Process for the inSRT™ Stem Cell Therapy Program?

The process to determine whether you are a candidate for inSRT™ Stem Cell Therapy Program is relatively easy and our dedicated staff will help walk you through the process.  During your first appointment you will meet with one of our Internal Medicine Physicians to determine if you are a viable candidate for the procedure.  During this appointment the physician will go over your pain and medical history.   You will also meet with the doctor who will perform the procedure so that he may answer any questions you have about inSRT™, stem cells and go over what you can expect from the procedure.  If you are found to be a viable candidate, your appointment for the procedure will be made.

Your procedure appointment will take about 45 minutes.  Although it is considered an injection, special care is taken to ensure proper placement and delivery of the stem cells.  Special real-time x-rays, called fluoroscopy, are used to help the doctor find the exact place to inject the stem cells.  The area will be numbed so all you feel is slight pressure.  You may have slight bruising and tenderness at the injection site which will subside in a few days.  It is recommended that you take it easy the remainder of the day after your injection.  You can resume normal activities in a day or two.

We recommend inSRTStem Cell Therapy for a number of conditions

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Facet joint arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Chronic back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Ruptured discs
  • Torn ligaments
  • Muscle strains

This is merely a sampling of the conditions we treat with inSRT stem cells. If you are interested in using one of the newest, cutting edge therapies in pain management, contact us for a consultation.

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